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  Original Silk Area Rugs manufacturers India  

Are you looking for original silk handknotted area rugs? When you buy handknotted silk area rug from a shop or anywhere, do you receive the certification from them? These are 2 very important things to be considered when you buy ORIGINAL SILK RUGS.

We are manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of silk carpets, wool-silk carpets and area rugs, kashmir silk carpets and area rugs,custom silk rugs, pure silk carpets and area rugs. These are Indian silk carpets, which are manufactured in india.

There are many qualities in silk rugs. We sell 100% original silk cashmere rugs or carpets. We also sell wool silk carpets and rugs. The base is of wool, but the design is of silk. The former is 100% pure silk pile area rugs and the latter is commonly called wool-silk area rugs.

You can buy a wide range of original silk area rugs and carpets and original wool-silk area rugs from India.

These are very fine and high quality carpets. We sometime keep stock of these rugs too. For your reference, we hereby present you some pictures of the silk rugs,custom silk rugs and wool silk rugs, custom silk rugs being manufactured in India.

The purpose of this website is that a consumer interested in buying an original silk area rug, should get in touch directly with a manufacturer without involvement of any mediator. This will ensure that he will get the genuine product at cheap price.

Besides our other range in handmade rugs, we can also provide you original Silk rugs, from India, as per your demand & taste. Silk is considered one of the most valuable and esteemed natural products. Carpets of silk are for very high class society. These are considered as high status symbol. 

What is actually important is that if you pay for ORIGINAL SILK RUG, you should get original silk Rug.

We also provide certification that the Rug are made in 100% silk or 80% silk as the case may be.

Below we have the qualities in 100% Silk, 80% silk and wool-silk qualities.

   576 knots per sq inch quality silk rugs (100% SILK) : Kashimiri Quality handknotted silk Area Rugs  
Silk area rugs india
Silk carpets india
Silk area rugs india
   324 knots per sq inch quality handknotted silk area rugs (80% silk 20% cotton) : Kashimiri Quality silk Area Rugs  
Silk area rugs india
Silk carpets india
Silk area rugs india

 100 knots per sq inch quality wool-silk handknotted area rugs

Silk area rugs india
Silk carpets india
Silk area rugs india

Sizes : As per your demand. Normal sizes are IN FTS. 3.0x5.0, 4.6x6.6, 5.6x7.9, 6.6x8.3, 6.6x9.6, 8.3x10.0, 8.3x11.3, 10.0x13.0

In Cms. 090x160, 140x200, 170x240, 200x250, 200x300, 250x300, 250x350, 300x400

We also undertake custom sizes orders for original silk area rugs.




Area Rug : When the size of rug is small, it is called area rug. When these are manufactured in India, it is called area rugs manufactured in India. When 100% silk pile is used it is called Silk area rugs and when the wool is also included in the area rug, it is wool-silk area rugs.

Carpets : When the sizes are too big say 15'x45' or so, it is considered as carpet. When these are manufactured in India, it is called carpets manufactured in India. When 100% silk pile is used, it is called Silk carpets. And when the wool is also included in the carpet, it is wool-silk carpets.

India : In India we manufacture both the above i.e. silk area rugs and wool-silk area rugs. We separate the area rugs with the carpets, when the sizes are too big, so silk carpets and wool-silk carpets are also being manufactured by us in India.

Real Silk rug or Artificial Silk rug :-

When you buy Original silk Rug, from India, you have to be sure that you buy original only. There are certain details as under -

Real Silk : Silk is the soft and shiny fiber that is used in a variety of luxury textiles. By a process known as sericulture, silk is obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm larva. The shiny appearance of silk comes from the fibres' triangular prism-like structure, owing to which the fabric refracts light at different angles. Chemically, natural silk is C15H23O6N5 (we give the formula in case you want to whip up a batch of your own). Silk is extremely high in tensile strength, exceeding that of nylon. It has been estimated that if a single silk fiber with the diameter of a pencil could be produced, the fiber could lift a 747 aircraft (who figures these things out, anyway?). Silk is used to make Oriental rugs because dyed silk is a fiber with rich, saturated colors, and a distinctive, almost translucent luster.

Artificial Silk
: Silk which is not original is artificial silk rugs. Most often this means mercerized cotton; sometimes it means a manufactured fiber like rayon or a blend of chemically altered and/or manufactured fibers.

How to Identify A Real Silk Oriental area Rug : There are 3 tests you can perform.

1. RUBBING TEST Rub the pile with your open palm. The real silk rug feels warm, the artificial silk rug stays cool to the touch.

2. BURNING TEST : Look at the ash and smell the smoke. If the material was cellulose (rayon), the ash should be soft and chalky, and the smell should be like burning paper (most paper is made of cellulose). If the sample is real silk, the burning sample should ball to a black, crispy ash, and the smell should be of burning hair (you're burning protein, the same stuff your hair is made of).

3. DISSOLVE TEST : At room temperature, mix a solution of 16 g copper sulfate (CuSO4) in 150 cc of water. Add 8-10 g glycerine, then caustic soda (sodium hydroxide: NaOH) until a clear solution is obtained. This solution will dissolve a small sample of natural silk, but will leave cotton, rayon, and nylon unchanged.

Different countries, different names:

Belgique people call Silk Tapis or silk area tapis;

Denmark, Great Britain, Greece, HongKong, Korea, Nederland, Norge, Russia, Sverige, Suomi, Taiwan & USA people call Silk Carpet or Silk carpets ;

German, Österreich & Schweiz people call Silk Teppich or Silk Area Teppich;

Spanish, Italian & Svizzera people call Silk Tappeti or Silk Tappeti or Silk area tappeti;

France people call Silk Tapis or Silk Area Tapis or Silk Tapis;

Portugal people call Silk Tapete or Silk Area Tapete;

You may send us detailed inquiry for your custom rugs requirement of material made-of required, pile-height required so that we may offer you the best rates WITH BEST QUALITY SILK AREA RUGS.

We are REGISTERED, rugs and carpets(original silk area rugs) manufacturers and exporters in India . Our rugs are free from child labour. Our Original silk area rugs includes all the qualities in original silk rugs, silk mix with wool rugs.


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