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Oriental silk rugs are rugs that have been designed through hand weaving and hand knotted in the areas of Asia, Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal. Oriental Rugs offers different varities in wool, wool silk mix and of all silk. We are the most referred company for Exotic Oriental rugs made in wool, silk and specialty area rug manufacturers in india, and can offer the same in any of your custom sizes etc.

Before we define we wish to share that all oriental silk rugs are Persian rugs but all Persian rugs are not oriental rugs. These are mainly weaved in different parts of world including India.

Oriental silk rugs are ones which are made in silk in traditional designs, in hand knotted pattern of weave. These days even hand-tufted weaving patterns are also being used for making these kinds of silk rugs.

The hand-knotted pattern is fine weave in different designs and colors. These designs can be animals, plants, flowers or such similar patterns. Mainly the motifs are fine and dense. The knots of weaving determine the quality of carpets, more dense it is, more expensive. Different countries have different pattern of knots calculation. India, says for example 6/40, 8/32, 9/45 and so on, however Pakistan says 13/13, 14/18, 16/16 and so on. As against china when making these oriental silk rugs says 100 lines, 90 lines and so on which shows the quality of knots?

The main yarns used for making these rugs are silk in weft and cotton in warp. As per the taste of the client, there are also other material which are being used in addition to silk and cotton which is wool. The base is mainly weaved in wool and the motifs are in silk.

When you move more ahead to see the colours, how powerful they are, you must be curious to know how these are being manufactured. The first process is designing, where the colours are filled in design, which is shown on map, as per the decision of the colours in specific design dyeing is done. The dyeing of these kinds of oriental silk rugs are hand dyed, in hanks, in different pots, for each colours.

After the yarn is properly dyed and dried the same are being issued to the weavers for weaving these rugs, who with their skilled craftsmanship follow the pattern as mentioned in map. These kinds of oriental silk rugs takes lots of time in weaving and once the weaving is over they are being sent for washing so that all the dirt comes out and the yarn shows the exact colour and pattern. These washing also bring lusture to the rugs which show the luxury and richness. These are then sheered with scissors and carved wherever required. And then with some more finishing process comes out to be master Oriental rug.

When you talk about the sizes any sizes can be made as per the orders in addition to regular sizes. One can even customize the rug in their design and colour.

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