Wool and Silk Rugs

Wool and Silk Rugs

These are ones which are mainly made in traditional designs in different famous designs. There designs are recognized with their names, mainly as under:

  • Mahal : All-over flowerhead design)
  • Herez (Most typical medallion design)
  • Bijar (Herati with medallion and corners)
  • Tabriz (All-over "animal" design)
  • Kashan (All-over "Shah Abbas" design)
  • MIR (With all-over "boteh" design)
  • Other popular designs: Sarouk, Aubusson Ferahan, Hamadan, Malayer, Karaja, Bakshaish, Lilehan, Lavar (Ravar) Kerman, Kashgai, Serab, Afshar, Bahktiari, Ispahan, Mahal and Ekbatan Kazvin. Agra - Ardibil - Aubusson - Bakhtiar - Baluchi - Beshir - Bokhara - Burjesta - Butterfly - Caucasian - Contemporary - Daultabad - Fil Poi - Gilgit - Gombud - Hatchlu - Hotan - Hunting - Isfahan - Jaldar - Kargai - Kashan - Kashgai - Kazak - Khal Mohammadi - Kilim - Kirman - Lahore - Mahal - Mashad - Nain - Novelty - Oushak - Paisley - Pictorial - Prayer - Qum - Sarooq - Senneh - Serapi - Shirvan - Sultanabad - Tabriz - Tree of Life - William Morris - Yalameh - Zaher Shahi - Ziegler Mahal
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Under these you can have Persian weave knots or Tibetan weave knots

  • 2. Hand-knotted rugs- indo Tibetan or indo-Nepalese pattern. These are made in wool and also in wool and silk (www.tibetan-area-rugs.com)
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Indian are adored to possess such an expanded range of species in front of their eyes. Particularly taking about sheep, butterflies and silkworms, they are one if the most graceful gifts of nature because of the wool extracted from the sheep and the silk of silkworms and cocoons of butterflies. These two raw materials have played a major part in the upliftment of Indian Rug Industry. A very exclusive array of tapestries can be used either by

  1. Using only wool in the whole  carpet
  2. Using only silk in the whole carpet
  3. Using the combination of two that is making the base from wool and the florals from silk or vice-versa

Besides this, the silk and wool obtained from  these breeds are extremely strong which in turn binds the carpets in such a way which makes it long lasting. These carpets can be dyed into contrasting colours and can be embroidered Into any design as per the customer's will.

These rugs although are of great demand but the buyers can anytime be looted in terms of quality of the raw materials. Some manufacturers take those species into consideration who have grown a little older which produces low quality materials. This is done to cut costs abd increase profit and in this way exploits the buyers.

Global floor furnishers tries to make the disadvantages of other dealers as their advantage and thus uses the best quality raw materials and can provide its consumer with the proof so that there's no doubt on the quality. We have with us the stock of readymade products and also takes order which can be delivered within reasonable days of placement of order.