Kashmir Silk Rugs

Kashmir Silk Rugs

Kashmir silk rugs are better form of hand-knotted rugs, if you are just looking for Persian or say traditional designs. These are fine knotted carpets where the weaving and all other processes are done by hand. A Kashmir silk rug is a special oriental rug often used for your floor decoration. Being very fine quality and with great design feature these are not only on your floor, but on your wall.

Contact a manufacturer of Kashmir silk rugs, mainly in india, where you can have your rugs to be made.Silk is natural yarn and fine silk weaved hand made rugs are Kashmir silk rugs.

A place which is a world of its own, where the shedded leaves act as a blessing of god, where the loud sound of flowing water soothes the hearing drums, whose beauty fascinates the observer, where the raw materials extracted has  a commendable quality and durability. This wonderland is kashmir, the splendor of India whose presence brings a completely different type of glory on the faces of Indians. Such a tremendous place would of course have terrific type of product manufactured that may consist if clothes, gowns, bedsheets and many more. But apart from all this the kashmiri carpets are  highly recognized product of this highly valued destination.

Afshar, Bhakshaish, Bhaktiari, Heriz, Ifshahan, Tabriz etc. are some types of famous designs in kashmiri carpets has its own uniqueness. These are one of those type  of hand knotted rugs that have the finest work done on them with the use of the best quality raw materials found only in kashmir as mentioned above. There are few people who are actually getting restless to have a look at these rugs. These fine quality carpets are in great use from the time when MUGHALS were ruling the country and is carrying its unlikeness till date. The craftsmen ship used in these cannot be performed by every second craftsman and thus needs some highly skilled craft workers to understand its delicacy.

We are blessed to have those bunch of workers who understand the actual efforts that needs to be put in behind these carpets and sweat  day in and day out to maintain the singularity of these carpets and of course to serve to our customers.

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